Do I need a VPN on My Phone

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Do I need a VPN on My Phone?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is a digital network service that provides a secure Internet connection through the use of remote private servers. Different people use VPN services for different purposes. In this article we will discuss the core uses of VPN services, how is it benefit you if you have VPN installed in your mobile phone, best VPN services that you can avail, how to download a VPN and RitaVPN. Let us begin with the benefits of having VPN service downloaded on your mobile phones.

Advantages of Using VPN Services

  • Guaranteed Security:

Using VPN services keeps the data in your device encrypted and secured while you are connected to the internet. Nobody can get access to your private information which primarily includes your social media passwords, bank account details, private emails and even your browsing history. VPN enables you to connect your device anywhere and with any of the internet connections, without you being tensed about having your device hacked or leakage of your confidential information.

  • Allows you to Access Restricted Websites and Online Content:

If you want to access a website/Online Content that is being blocked in your region or country via mobile phone then you must have any of the VPN services installed in your device. A VPN service basically changes your IP address with the IP address of the country you want to get it changed with hence, providing you the access to that very website that was blocked in your country, by using IP address of a country where that very website is accessible.

For instance YouTube blocks some of its content in certain areas. Now if you are living in that certain area but you want to get access to that blocked content, what will you do? You will simply have to get a VPN service installed on your device. Get connected to the internet via your VPN service, choose the country where that very content is not blocked and there you are getting access to the YouTube content you weren’t permitted to access before.

  • Ensures Privacy:

An IP address that uniquely identifies your computer or mobile device is allocated to you each time you log on to the internet. The problem is that all of your online activities can be traced back, using your IP address. This includes what you are searching on Google; websites you are visiting, things you are buying online, the links you are clicking on, the comments, shares and likes you are leaving on social media platforms and many other online activities.

To cope up with this problem, you need to access the internet connections via any of the VPN services as it hides your original IP address which bars your online activities from getting tracked. VPN does it by sending you on internet through a masked IP address via a different country’s server. Due to the ability of the VPN to mask your actual IP address, your name, location and online activities, your identity remains private and anonymous on the internet.

  • Increased Bandwidth:

Some mobile VPN services allow you to use multiple Internet connections at once to maximize your bandwidth and reduce latency to meet your needs. This means that you will have to face no video streaming buffering, no delays or connection barriers in your business calls, and you will be able to have higher-quality live streaming on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. Not only this, but using VPN will also ensure you to have high quality, un-interrupted video calls across all the platforms available for the purpose.

  • What is RitaVPN?

RitaVPN tops the list of best and most efficient VPNs in the world, especially if you are living in any of the gulf countries then this VPN is a must have in your mobile phones so you can access to WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype calling. RitaVPN is considered a very user-friendly VPN service. Once you are connected to internet via RitaVPN, it will provide you with an optimal server so that you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted streaming online. Moreover, RitaVPN ensures you complete privacy and anonymity with best security for your private information. One of the best things about RitaVPN is that they have a very responsive Consumer Support Centre to deal as quickly as possible with consumer’s queries related to RitaVPN Usage. You can live chat with their representative and get your problems solved there and then. Hence, it saves your time and provides you with uninterrupted services.

There are many best VPN services you can purchase to have on your mobile phones. Beside the paid VPN services there are also some VPNs that can be used for free. Obviously you get extra features when you use a paid VPN for example increased bandwidth but if you just need basic online security for you mobile devices, free VPNs will do the job for you. Hotspot Shield and Super VPN are considered to be the best VPNs which provide you with maximum security fro free.   

How to Download a VPN on Mobile Phone:

Downloading any of the VPN services on your mobile phone is as easy as ABC. If you have an android phone you simply have to go to Play store, search there for your desired VPN service and then get it installed from there. For iPhone users, all the VPNs are available on Appstore to be downloaded.

Since now you guys must have gotten the idea that how important it is to have a VPN installed in your mobile phone devices, it’s high time for you to get one to enjoy the benefits VPNs have got to offer and in my opinion the best of these advantages is ‘Privacy and Security’, which is the most important thing to maintain in this day and age of technology. Turns out, you do need a VPN on your phone if online safety and security is on your list of priorities.

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