How to get rid of Retargeting Ads: Stop them from Following You over the Internet

How to Stop Retargeting Ads From Following You Around the Web

Has it happened to you when you’re surfing the internet, you have seen the same ad of a good or service you’ve been looking at most of the websites you’ve visited before? You may have noticed that add on Youtube or any other site. Watching an ad again and again could be annoying. This may feel awkward and can violate your confidentiality. This process is called retargeting.

In this article, I’m going to explain why these ads appear and how to get rid of retargeting ads.

What is Retargeting?

You may visit any site for online shopping (like books, garments or shoes) and click on some of these items. You may not like the products or want to explore some of the more brands, so you leave this site. So, now you will start seeing those ads everywhere on the internet. You may see it on Facebook or some of the popular websites.

This whole process is called retargeting the audience. Most of the brands use this promotional tool that helps their consumers find new goods and find the best deals. However, if this process is poorly accomplished, the user may feel annoying or frustrated.

How does Retargeting take place?

The owner of the site leaves a code on his website that tracks the user. If a site owner uses Google Adwords to display ads to the people visiting, they will start taking the code from the Google Adwords account. This code is known as the remarketing tag code. The tag operates on both mobile and pc websites.

If the site does have a prevalent file for the footer, the code snippet will be placed in that file. In the Facebook ads, this code is known as Facebook pixel.

Whenever you visit that site which has a code on its footer, the website owner can track you just because of that code or pixel. You may get that code from Facebook or Google, but they can follow you.

So whenever you show some interest in any product, they retarget you by displaying the same ad again and again on different websites.

But most of the customers would avoid watching an ad many times, and the user may have a bad internet experience.  

So the question arises here that are there any ways to avoid watching the same annoying ad several times? The answer is a big Yes!

Which companies most retarget?

Some of the major companies which retarget their visitors are:

  • Hubspot retargeting
  • Shopify 
  • Amazon Ad Retargeting
  • Google through Google Adwords
  • Twitter through pixel
  • Facebook through Facebook pixel

How to stop the Retargeting Ads

You cannot disappear entirely from the sight of advertisers because they can target you in many different ways. The following steps will assist you to regulate what you want to see online.

1. Clear Browsing Data

Each browser saves your browsing history. You can find the option of privacy or history in the browser. They may have different options by different names, but you can find these options with some research. By clearing all the browsing data, you will lose the saved passwords and the browsing history. It is recommended to keep the URL of the sites which you visit the most by adding them as Bookmark.

In Google Chrome, you can find the two options of deleting the browsing history. One is manually to remove all the history and the second option lets you save the data to some specific period of time. After that time, the browsing history will be deleted automatically.

2. Use Incognito Mode / Private Mode

Many browsers offer you a private mode or incognito mode for online browsing. In this mode, the browser does not save the data of the user. The advertising companies cannot retarget you because the browser has no history, cookies or any record of your online activities and interests.

3. Disable the Cookies

Most of the websites offer you cookies in which they give you a specific number or code. They monitor your interest and searches on that site. When you visit that site again, you will see your favourite products or items first.

Disabling the cookies prevents you from retargeting because by doing so they won’t know your interests. Do not let your browser accept the cookies from other websites, but if you visit a site frequently and you have to sign in to access all the features, you can let the browser save cookies. But after each session, delete the browsing history and saved cookies.

4. Use Browser Extensions

There are several browser extensions which do not let the browser save the cookies. These extensions also protect your browser from malicious tracking and advertising. You can find out some of the best Ad blockers by some online research but before using any extension, read the reviews and comments of users regarding that extension.

5. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using a VPN service is the best option to avoid retargeting. VPN hides your IP address, and no one can find out your online searches and interests, not even your ISP (internet service providers). If you have been looking for the best VPN service, RitaVPN should be your first choice.

It is among the most trusted and secure VPN which do not let any browser to save the cookies or your search history. All the blocked websites can be unblocked in just a few minutes. Using a VPN service gives you the following advantages

  • Encrypts your data from your device to its server
  • It protects your IP address.
  • VPN changes your current location.
  • No browser can save your browsing history

Download RitaVPN now and get rid of all the frustrating ads. No one will be able to retarget you again.

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Bonus Tip: Use a Search Engine which does not save your searches.

There is a search engine named duckduckgo. You can use it if you are serious about your privacy. This browser is not like the regular browsers which save your history. You may not found the proper results of your search on this browser, but still, it is a useful tool against retargeting.

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