How To Keep Your Email Secure From Hackers?

How To Keep Your Email Secure From Hackers

Hackers intercept every day. Hence, multiple email hack cases are occurring daily. For hackers, they feel they have all the reasons to infiltrate your inbox.

More importantly, emails remain the unique identifier of other accounts’ login credentials. It’s more reason why cybercriminals see it as a high target.

Besides, there are lots of damages attached to the owners of stolen email credentials. This is because hackers can determine whatever business they got going on, services they enrolled in, and many more. Almost all the password reset process goes through an email address.

In general, if a hacker has your email log, then they have data of other important information.

Methods of Email Hacking

Daily, email users send around 205 billion emails. Most of them include poems, recipes, tutorials. On the other hand, these emails may contain sensitive information.

You sure would have sent one or two emails related to your work or personal life. Whichever, you wouldn’t want somebody snooping on your data.

Hacking an email is probably easier than you think. In 2011, a research revealed that people with zero technical knowledge could successfully hack emails using man-in-the-middle attacks without supervision. It also disclosed that they do it with the help of an online tutorial and within fifteen minutes.

A hacker can access your email with three significant methods; they include:

  • By penetrating a security flaw within your email and getting instant access to your messages.
  • By brute-forcing your password, a hacker gets access to your mailbox directly. However, brute-forcing your email password depends on how complex your password is.
  • The hacker tricks you into submitting your credentials. Perhaps, it may be through phishing websites and links designed to look like your email’s login page. Some others don’t have to go through that, as they need you to download their malicious content. That alone, can run malware on your device and expose you to attacks.

How to Secure your Email

Here, you’ll be learning how to secure your email as an individual or as a company.

You can secure your email by following the steps emphasized below.

1. Securing your email

When a third-party service is in use, preventing email hacks may be difficult. However, you can do a lot of things to minimize the risk of being vulnerable.

2. Adopt a secure and unique password

As easy as this is, a lot of people still neglect the use of a secure password. Funny enough, tons of individuals still use the word “password” as their password. There are high chances of your email being compromised when you use a weak password.

3. Encrypting sensitive emails

Booting up your email and setting up an email encryption software seem like stress, but it’s less of a strain than getting hacked. Email encryption software varies; surf around for a good one to protect your  email communication

4. Restriction of physical access

Hacking your email is a child’s play if the hacker can get physical access to your device by installing a keylogger to your machine. When accessing your email outside your home, use a secure password. More importantly, make sure you log out of any computer you use outside your home.

5. Avoid using a public WiFi without a VPN

In cases like this, you should remember those who mastered the man-in-the-middle attack for email hacking. Well, it’s something usually done on a public WiFi. The hacker snoops in on your device by offering you a public network. At that moment, he or she has a log of everything you do. To cut it short, you can use a VPN encryption to protect your sensitive data from hackers and other snoopers while connected to a public WiFi network.

In most cases, all the hacker wants is for you to click on a malicious link to download malware on your device. The hacker hacks your email using information gathered by the malware on your login device. To protect yourself from such attacks, you should not click on uncertain emails. Also, carefully observe URL links. Most attacks come in incorrect forms. So if you find something like that, do good to delete such an email from your mailbox.

7. Securing your company’s email

Here, it’s either you control a corporate email server, or you know someone who does. Meanwhile, here are tips to prevent hacking;

8. Enlightening your employees and colleagues

Always have in mind that your weakest link in any security system is humans. Even if you use the best email security system, you can still get hacked when your employees are ignorant. As a result, they keep falling for malicious links and phishing attacks, more reason why you should educate them.

9. Encrypting your connection

Encrypting your connection is something you need to do as a handler of your company’s email. No one has to have a log of your server connection. Without a doubt, a good VPN settles this aspect with ease.

Other strategies include:
  • Confirming senders of messages in your inbox
  • Updating your system software and always ensure you use the latest update
  • Scanning of emails for questionable content


To sum up, you cannot completely secure your email. You have to continuously be on guard and watch out for attacks in disguise. Nonetheless, the above information aids security, hence, makes email hacking a lot harder. Also, you should use RitaVPN to protect your sensitive data from hackers and other snoopers.

RitaVPN is a security tool that secures your connection and prevents penetration. Without a doubt, this tool works so well in offering its features. While provided at affordable costs, each plan works well to keep your email and other sensitive information secured.

 Even if hackers try to penetrate your connection, they will end up regretting why they wasted time on you. Do not hesitate to opt for a RitaVPN plan today.

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