Do you know what is the Best VPN for College Students?

Do you know, what is the Best VPN for College Students

Throughout the world, students are not allowed to use the internet inside schools. It is common not only for students but also for teachers who teach in schools. Today we shall talk about why it is limited to use the internet for students and teachers in the schools and what are the best VPN services for college students through this article.

Why the Internet has been limited inside schools?

The main purpose of a school is uplifting the education of the students into a higher standard. In the modern world, the Internet also does some tasks for it. But school students misuse this Internet freedom and get used to Social Media and engage in online gaming during school hours. Therefore, online access has been restricted inside schools. Thus the school teachers also have been subjected to these acts. So the governments have taken this decision for the benefit of all.  

Do you need a VPN to access the Internet within school hours?

If you want to collect information using the Internet, you will have to use a public Wi-Fi source. You should think twice before you connect to your school or university’s open WIFI network as they can monitor your activities on the internet. If you want to use the Internet freely at school or university, you can use a VPN to access websites you want. By breaking the restrictions done by the schools, a VPN lets you navigate the Internet as you wish.  

As most of the school and university students stay in hostels, it has been blocked for them to access live streaming sites such as social media, Torrent sites, and Netflix. But if you are using the best VPN service for this, you will be able to ignore these restrictions. Specially you must consider the reliability and the privacy provided by the VPN service that you are choosing. Although there are plenty of VPN services around the world, VPN services that contain features like Zero-log-policy are very rare. What is happening in the zero-log-policy is that when you surf the internet through a VPN it does not store your login data in VPN servers.

The reason why RitaVPN is widespread around the world is that it contains features like 100% reliability and Zero-log-policy. Because of that, you can use RitaVPN as your internet obstacle avoider in your school or university without any doubt.

Is it favorable for your privacy to use the Internet inside a school or university without a VPN?

When you connect to a shared open Wi-Fi network, the operator of that network can see everything that you do. An attacker on that network can monitor it well. Most of the hackers use students’ data to do illegal works and those works have been discovered at present. Because of that, you must hide your identity for the sake of your security. You can’t do this without using a VPN. So, we recommend you to use a VPN for the protection of your privacy inside the school or the university.

How to access YouTube, Gaming Servers, Streaming sites, and Social Media Sites, inside your school or university?

As we mentioned above, students in hostels can’t access blocked websites as they cannot go outside.  But anyone needs some time for entertainment to release from the busy schedule of 24 hours of the day. Most prefer to watch films, watch songs and videos or chat with their friends via social media during their free time. But if you have been restricted from those activities from your WIFI network, you will have to spend your day without any entertainment.

But as we mentioned above, if you use RitaVPN it will not be a problem anymore. Because no one can see your activities as a VPN replaces your IP with an alternative IP that you choose and you can access any website. Moreover, it enables you to play games and watch live sports competitions. Actually, VPNs are like Magic.  

Is it prohibited to use VPNs in all schools?

It depends on the government of the country and the school or university. Although it is not banned in the country it can be banned inside the schools or those areas. It is because of the protection of the students. But most of the countries don’t do that. So it has not banned as a policy.

Can your school or university totally block the VPN services?

If network administrators block the specific ports used for VPN traffic, then VPN will be blocked. For the OpenVPN protocol to work, it is required Ports 443 or ports 7011. To check whether if those ports are blocked, you can type in your browser’s URL bar and replace XXX with the ports that you’re doubt about. A university may be less likely to block a VPN at the protocol level, but some VPNs have their own ways to get rid of this. They act like your VPN traffic is disguised as something innocent like HTTPS traffic. To enhance privacy VPN is the best solution. But VPN shows more likely to avoid national censorship. If you want to go through the Great Firewall of China, these can be helped. However, protocol blocking may prevent VPN, but it is difficult to do so. And also, at present VPNs are able to successfully get rid of protocol blocking. If you use RitaVPN, your protection and identity will be safe 100%.


Even you can get a number of VPNs, most of them are malware and you will not get the protection you want while you are on the internet. So, you present your exploratory behavior to your school and the VPN provider. But if you use a 100% safe and best VPN like RitaVPN, it will provide your protection and no one will able to access your Internet surfing details. RitaVPN has already released so that you can easily access especially for your operating systems such as Android, IOS and windows.

At present, there is a huge customer base for RitaVPN around the world. And also now it has rapidly become more popular than other VPNs depending on the satisfaction of the customers. You also can get RitaVPN as your VPN provider today. This is a great VPN to use and unblock websites in your school or university.

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