Is a VPN Needed for Each Device?

Is a VPN Needed for Each Device

In the past, people used to spend time with families and friends to have fun. They didn’t have any quick and convenient way to keep in contact with others that are far away from them except writing letters. There weren’t too many things that distract the kids. At present, nearly everyone is addicted to surfing the Internet. Students can easily finish their homework by searching for answers on their phones.

But they may get into many troubles on the Internet, such as geo-blocks, ISP throttling, online tracking and so on. What is the best solution to these problems? Keep on reading.

Do I need a VPN on my phone?

Of course, a VPN is the most effective way to defeat geo-blocks, avoid ISP throttling and stop online tracking. You should get a VPN on your phone to avoid these problems.

1. Watch your favorite content online regardless of the geographical restrictions

Christmas is drawing near. I suppose many people prefer to stay at home and watch movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, many online streaming services offer different content to different countries or regions. Chances are good that your favorite movie is not available in your country. Don’t worry, a good VPN service will defeat the geo-block for you. Just go for a good VPN service, and start watching the Best Christmas Movie.

2. Share your feelings and stories on social media platforms from anywhere

Various social media platforms allow Internet users to share status, articles, images and videos with their friends. If your friends are active on Twitter, you don’t want to be kept out of their life just because you are blocked from Twitter. Get a VPN to create an account and keep tabs on the latest trends.

3. Protect yourself from potential cyber threats

There are many cyber threats whether you are using the Internet outside or at home. People pay more attention to their security and privacy while going out. So, they will be more sensitive about any potential security risk when connecting to the Internet. But almost all of us feel relax while at home because home is the harbor. In fact, you also have to protect your phone from cyber attacks as long as you are connected to the Internet. Using a VPN on your phone will hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic data, stopping online spies such as your ISP from monitoring you.

You have more than one device.

The truth is that you are not only browsing websites on your phones but also on other devices. This the age of Internet. Computers, phones and Tablets can be your choice to do web browsing. You would like to use a computer for online gaming and work. Mobile phones are the most frequently used devices because you use it to make phone calls, check your Facebook account and email account, send messages to your friends and so on. Sometimes, you also watch videos on your Tablets.

And you might be using more than one device at the same time to surf the Internet. For example, you may work on your PC while talking with your brother over the phone.

Do I need to install a VPN on every device?

The answer to this question is “Sure”. As long as the device is used to connect to the Internet, you ought to protect it from potential cyber threats. No matter how many devices you have, you need a VPN to safeguard all of them. There are no exceptions because hackers never spare a target.

Every device should get a VPN. The VPN app installed on your phone will only secure the traffic between your phone and the Internet. It is quite easy to install a VPN on your device. For RitaVPN, you can go to the official website for free VPN download. RitaVPN will lead you to the VPN app that is compatible with the device you are using.  

Does a VPN only work on one device?

Well, it depends on which VPN you choose. Good VPN services are sure to offer apps for the major platforms. So, you can use it either on your PC or phone. Besides, a reputable VPN should also enable you to connect to it on multiple devices at the same time. Since you are likely to have more than one device to protect, working on multiple devices simultaneously is a factor that must be taken into account when selecting the best VPN for you.

How many devices can use my VPN simultaneously?

This also depends on the VPN you choose. Different VPNs have different limits on simultaneous connections of one account. You can check it by yourself.

However, it doesn’t mean that the VPN that allows more simultaneous connections should be preferred. Your needs should always be put first. Normally, you won’t use too many devices at the same time. You can install the VPN app on every device and run it only when you use that device.

RitaVPN – up to 4 simultaneous connections

Currently, RitaVPN offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users. You are free to download any RitaVPN app on your device.

One RitaVPN account enables you to connect to RitaVPN on up to 4 devices at the same time, which can meet almost all Internet users’ needs.

What’s more, RitaVPN adopts the military-grade AES-256 encryption to secure your traffic data. You can rest assured to browse websites securely and privately.

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