Do You need a VPN at Home for Privacy & Security?

Do I need VPN at Home for Privacy

You may think that you are safe when you are using the internet at home because when you use the internet in public places, it has a high tendency to attack by cyber thieves. It is not true. Though you are in any place of the world your ISP and cyber attackers who are trying to hack you can see everything that you are doing on the internet. So how to guarantee that you are 100% safe inside your home when using the internet. Is it important to use a VPN at home? Let’s discuss these things. Stay with us.

Can ISP monitor you?

Absolutely ISP can monitor you. If you think that anyone doesn’t know what you are doing on the internet, then you are a fool. There are many to keep an eye on what you are doing on the internet. If the government asks your information for any reason, ISPs are obligated to provide any data of yours. So, think. That is your privacy is being made over on unknown parties. If you can do anything without letting know your ISP such as web browsing, you are safe because then ISP cannot monitor you.

What will happen if you connect to the internet using public Wi-Fi even when you are at home?

Though you are at home if you connect to the internet using public Wi-Fi, you are very open to hackers. So, then your data can lose without your awareness. Therefore, you are not protected though you are at home. But if you use a VPN you are protected anywhere in the world. As it encrypts all your data, you can use the internet without any fear outside or inside the house.

Cyber thieves are around your home, be careful!

At present, due to the development of technology, the number of cybercriminals has been increased. There could be cyber thieves anywhere around you. They do not matter the area or the time. There are many incidents where cyber attackers ask for a ransom to keep safely people’s privacy. Many used to ask Bitcoins as ransoms because it is more valuable than Dollars. Within the past period of time Bitcoins were asked as ransoms through the Ransomware virus.

As all the time cyber attackers are around you, the best solution is to use a VPN. You will be connected from the network to network through a tunnel instantly. By encrypting all your data using a VPN, you will have an extra layer of security. Through that, you will become safer. Anyone can not recognize your real IP or your location. Therefore, by using a VPN, you will be always safe.

Uses of having a VPN

The most valuable use is making you 100% secure. Also, prevent letting the access of unauthorized people to your privacy. You can log into websites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO & other online streaming websites. There are many such uses and really without a VPN, you cannot do these things.

You will be networked through a safe tunnel, created by the VPN. But first of all, you have to think wisely that the VPN you have selected is 100% safe and reliable because you are using a VPN for the protection of your privacy and data. So, the VPN you have selected should be able to fulfill your requirements. For that, you need a 100% reliable VPN. So, you can use RitaVPN as the best VPN solution. This is the most suitable VPN that you can use in the home.  

Safe and Unlimited Torrenting at home

You may use a torrent for downloading a game or film at home. Torrenting is not illegal and it is illegal to download contents with copyrights. For this reason, several countries ban large torrent sites.

If you are in a country where the torrent is banned, you will need a VPN to access these websites and no matter where you are in the world, a VPN hides all your torrenting activity from the third parties who are monitoring your online activities.

Government will track you when using free internet

If you are uploading articles criticizing the government, the government will notice and track you. Because in all the countries intelligence services are keeping an eye on such activities. Being foolish, though you publish such critical articles thinking you are safe, the government can see everything you are doing. Therefore, as we aforesaid, the only solution is to use the best VPN and then you would not have to worry.

Functions of a VPN

A VPN has many other functions and privileges apart from the advantages mentioned above when it comes to the online activities done by users.

Bypass geo-restrictions

Perhaps the most important task of a VPN is that it allows users to bypass the geographical boundaries set by the government of a country.

Hide your IP address

When you are using a VPN, your device connects to the server of any country you selected instead of the default server and hides your real IP address in the process.


If you have subjected to any kind of threat that affects your identity, a VPN can be your best friend to avoid it.

Encrypts your data transfers

As mentioned above, a VPN works to secure all of your data by encrypting while you are online, which is one of the most important ways of securing data.

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Kill switch

Using a VPN without a kill switch is worst other than not using a VPN. Even if your VPN connection goes down, it will keep your data secure, blocking all Internet traffic until security is restored. This prevents you from being exposed to ISP.


VPN services are very important in today’s world. People use VPN for gaming, watch films, live streaming and for many reasons. Also, as many people consider more about their privacy and their data security, they have used to get the support of VPN services even they stay at home. But if you do not use the best VPN it will be useless.

If you are connected through RitaVPN you do not need to be fear for any reason. Because you can 100% reliable on your privacy and security.

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