RitaVPN: Best Cross-Platform VPN for Multiple Devices

Best Cross-Platform VPN For Multiple Devices

RitaVPN is the best cross-platform VPN for Multiple Devices because it allows you to protect all of your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

Daily, we hear of the release of internet-enabled gadgets to make life easier. But the sad truth is that newly released internet-enabled devices can have loop-holes or weak spots through which hackers can hack into your device or network.  Also, it doesn’t make sense if your laptop is protected with a VPN service while leaving your phone unprotected.

The only way out for ensuring maximum protection from hackers for all of your devices, including newly-released internet-enabled devices, is to use RitaVPN.  

With a single RitaVPN account, you can protect up to four devices simultaneously. However, using a simple trick, you can protect all of your internet-enabled devices with one RitaVPN account.

What makes RitaVPN the best cross-platform VPN for multiple devices?

RitaVPN works well on all up to four different platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android OS platforms. Therefore, RitaVPN got you covered whether you’re using multiple OS platforms simultaneously.

What trick can you use to protect all of your devices exceeding four devices?

Are you wondering how you can protect your multiple internet devices like your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers from a single RitaVPN account?

The solution is not far-fetched; with RitaVPN, you can protect all of your devices. Besides, RitaVPN is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows OS. Hence, you can connect with up to 4 devices as you wish.

Why you should use RitaVPN for multiple device protection?

Studies by Statistica shows that an average individual has at least three internet-connected devices. Hence, you need RitaVPN for the following reasons

To protect all of your devices

Use RitaVPN to secure all of your home devices, including desktop, laptops, tablets, phones, and other internet-enabled devices.

To protect your business

RitaVPN can protect your business from hacking, espionage, data leaks, monitoring from government and competitors alike. All you need to do is connect your network to RitaVPN to enjoy 100% protection for your business.

For family protection

Get all of your family’s devices connected to RitaVPN to enjoy 100% protection when using online banking services, social media, email services, etc. even when they are browsing using unprotected public WiFi networks.

Platforms supported by RitaVPN

No matter your devices or platforms, RitaVPN got you covered. You can enjoy RitaVPN on all or any of the following devices and platforms simultaneously.

  • Android OS
  • iOS for iPhone and iPad
  • Mac OS
  • Windows OS

You can download the RitaVPN app and plugins from www.ritavpn.com, Google Play Store, or iTunes store.

Other desirable features of RitaVPN

Setting up RitaVPN on multiple devices entitles you to enjoy the following fantastic benefits on all of your devices

1.Military-grade encryption protocol

RitaVPN channels your data through its AES-256bit encryption tunnel to secure and protect your data from intruders such as hackers, snoopers, and government monitoring. Even your ISP provider can neither access nor decode your data once RitaVPN encrypts it. Therefore, you can access the internet from a public or unprotected WiFi network without fear of data interception by third-parties.

2.IP address and location masking

The best way of protecting your privacy online is by accessing the internet as an anonymous user with no known location and an untraceable IP address. RitaVPN allows you to access the internet as an anonymous user by masking your IP address with a new IP address allocated to your device from any of the connected RitaVPN’s servers. RitaVPN also hides your location with its server location. Hence, if you’re connecting to Netflix US or any website, the website server interprets the chosen RitaVPN server location as your location without detecting your actual location.

Also, RitaVPN protects you from DNS leak; hence, RitaVPN does not compromise your location in any way possible.

3.Access Censored websites

Does your company or workplace censor social media websites during work hours? Or do you live in a country where the government censors internet usage?

With RitaVPN, you can by-pass your company’s or government restrictions and access censored websites. A quick chat with your Facebook buddy during work hours can get you going and improve your productivity during work hours.

4.Stream amazing content from geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc

Are you worried about not enjoying your favorite TV show on Netflix US or listening to your favorite radio show on Spotify outside of the US? Worry not because RitaVPN got you covered. Connecting to any of RitaVPN’s servers in the US when you’re outside of the US allows you to enjoy amazing contents from US-based streaming service providers by by-passes all geo-restrictions. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can enjoy fantastic geo-restricted contents from Netflix US or other services of your choice. All you need to do is set your server location to the US or any different location where you can enjoy excellent geo-restricted content.

Setting up and subscribing to RitaVPN

To subscribe and enjoy RitaVPN services on any or all of your devices, follow the five simple steps I have outlined below.

  1. Visit RitaVPN’s official website
  2. Sign up for a RitaVPN account
  3. Subscribe to any of RitaVPN’s plans
  4. Download the RitaVPN app for your device(s)
  5. Log in to your RitaVPN account to start enjoying RitaVPN protection.

The Best RitaVPN Plan for Cross-Platform Devices

Aside from multiple-device connections from a single RitaVPN account, RitaVPN also offers you the cheapest 1-year subscription plan.

Subscribing for a yearly plan at $64.99, you get a year-round VPN protection across your connected devices without hassles.

With all the perks offered by RitaVPN, it is essential to state that RitaVPN is the best cross-platform VPN for multiple devices.

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