China’s Currency Drops

The United States and China were engaged in an unrestrained economic conflict that drove the stock markets to the brink and threatened to inflict significant damage on a weakening global economy. The spot exchange rates of the onshore and offshore RNB broke 7 against the US dollar amid a deepening trade war. According to the People’s Daily, the People’s Bank of China said that it is normal for the yuan to break 7. “7” is not an age or a dam, but more like the water level of a reservoir. The RMB exchange rate will remain basically stable at an appropriate and balanced level. 

So, will travel abroad be affected? Obviously, it has a huge impact on the Chinese. Chinese planning a trip abroad and Chinese students studying abroad begin to worry about the cost. At such a time that the Yuan broke 7, it is no doubt more expensive to travel to the US. But the world is so big that there are many other countries to go on a vacation to.

People from all over the world, including Chinese, are still keen to travel abroad and experience different cultures and customs. There are so many countries and regions in the world. Now that traffic is much more convenient than before, travel is a good way to know more about the world while having fun.

Before starting your journey, make sure you are fully prepared for the trip. Apart from flight ticket, hotel order, baggage and other things, a VPN is also indispensable for outbound travel. VPN can not only ensure your security online but also unblock your favorite content that is unavailable for you while you left your country. What’s more, a VPN is able to save a lot of money on flight ticket, hotel order and others. Take RitaVPN with you while traveling. It will escort for your trip.

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