Cloudflare Launches Free VPN WARP Beta for Windows and macOS

Cloudflare Launches Free VPN WARP Beta for Windows and macOS

Last April 1, Cloudflare added WARP to the app on iOS and Android as an additional feature. And it took much longer than they think to roll WARP out as a standalone app on mobile phones. Finally, WARP was launched on Android and iOS last September.  

This April 1, Cloudflare introduced the WARP beta for Windows and macOS. So, the good news is that the Windows version and macOS version of WARP is coming.

What is WARP?

Like a VPN, WARP encrypts all Internet traffic comes out of your phone. It adopts the WireGuard protocol to secure the Internet traffic between you and the Cloudflare network, which makes your Internet connection much faster. The WireGuard protocol is also more efficient than traditional protocols.

You will achieve a faster speed with WARP+ because it offers you access to Cloudflare’s Argo network. So, your Internet performance will be greatly improved by connecting to WARP+.  

For the upcoming computer client, it will offer the same features that are available on mobile apps.

What are the benefits of using WARP?

When you surf the Internet, the website you visit, your government and Internet service provider know what you are doing online.

WARP protects your privacy by encrypting your traffic sent from your phone, including the web browser and all apps on your phone. It claims to speed up and secure your Internet connection without burning excess battery.

If you upgrade to WARP+, the paid version of WARP, you will enjoy a 30% faster speed while browsing websites. It takes advantage of Cloudflare’s Argo network to improve your Internet performance.

Some service providers can be malicious as they collect user data and sell it to others. Cloudflare’s WARP said it doesn’t keep any identifiable records of its users.  

However, it doesn’t hide your IP address like a VPN. In other words, you can’t geo-proof websites and server providers to access geo-blocked content and service. Your IP address is still visible to the websites you visit, the government and your ISP as well.

If you want to watch your favorite content from anywhere, you need to spend your money elsewhere. For example, a VPN service will let you stream Westworld Season 3 on HBO NOW as if you are in the United States.  

Whats the cost of WARP?

WARP offers free access to its basic services. While WARP+ charges a subscription fee and ensures faster Internet connection. According to Cloudflare, the cost of WARP is not the same in different countries or regions. But it is close to how much you pay for a McDonald’s Big Mac in your region.

The fee for WARP+ varies by region and is designed to approximate what a McDonald’s Big Mac would cost in the region.

When it comes to WARP on macOS and Windows, you will also be able to enjoy the free basic services.  

Who will be able to access WARP Beta for Windows and macOS?

WARP beta for Windows and macOS will be available in the following weeks. However, not all users are in the invitation list of testing WARP Windows and macOS. Only the existing WARP subscribers will receive the invitation in their WARP apps.

If you haven’t subscribed to WARP, Cloudflare allows you to join the waitlist to get notified via the email that you provide when WARP rolls out on Windows and macOS.

When will WARP be available on macOS and Windows?

It’s hard to say how long Cloudflare will take to provide WARP programs for macOS and Windows. But it won’t be very soon.

We always wanted to build a WARP client for macOS and Windows. We started with mobile because it was the hardest challenge. And it turned out to be a lot harder than we anticipated. While we announced the beta of with WARP on April 1, 2019 it took us until late September before we were able to open it up to general availability. We don’t expect the wait for macOS and Windows WARP to be nearly as long.

Cloudflare also announced that WARP is coming to Linux and more devices after the release of macOS and Windows version.


Cloudflare’s WARP is similar to a virtual private network in the way it encrypts your traffic. But it does nothing to make you anonymous because your IP address is still visible to the snooping eyes on the Internet. While a VPN service not only secures your traffic data but also hides your identity so that nobody can trace back to you. By connecting to a reliable VPN, you are both secure and anonymous online.

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