How do I use RitaVPN?

2.1 Sign up and log in

2.1.1 Sign up for RitaVPN with an email account

We recommend new users to sign up for RitaVPN with an email account. One RitaVPN account works on multiple devices simultaneously.

Registration instructions: go to signup -> enter your email address -> enter the password -> click on “Sign up”.  

2.1.2 How do I sign into RitaVPN?

You have two ways to log into RitaVPN. One is to sign in with your email. On the login page, you need to type in the email address and password you used for registration. Then, click “Login” to sign into RitaVPN successfully. The other is to log in as a guest. You only need to click on “Tourist login”.

The guest account generated automatically by the system can’t be used on other devices.  

2.1.3 What to do if I forget my password?

If you forget the password, please reset it on the login page. Click on “Password reset” -> enter the email address -> click on “Get code” and you can create a new password to log in.  

2.2 How do I connect to RitaVPN?

Click on the start button on the homepage. Wait for a few seconds and the system will prompt a successful connection. Free users need to reconnect to RitaVPN after each free trial which lasts 15 – 30 minutes.

2.3 How do I switch servers?

Click the drop-down button on the bottom of the home page to choose the server you want to connect. Click on “CONNECT” and wait for few seconds. If you switch to another server while connecting, it will disconnect from the current server and automatically connect your new option.  

2.4 Why do we display ads? How to remove ads?

  • If you are free users, you need to watch ads to use RitaVPN for free. We display ads to support long term free VPN service and maintain free servers. 
  • If you want premium services without ads or connection drops, you can buy our subscription plans. On the bottom of the home page, click on “Top up” to choose a perfect subscription plan for you.

2.5 Can I use RitaVPN without a subscription?

Yes. We offer you two ways to use RitaVPN:

  • Buy subscription plans. Subscribers can enjoy ad-free and high-speed VPN service.
  • Watch ads. You can also get free trials by watching ads and access all servers. Unlike paid service, however, there is a time limit for each connection.

2.6 How do I get more free trial time?

You have three methods to get free trials:

  • New user: Users who use RitaVPN for the first time will get 6 hours free trial.
  • Watch ads: After the 6 hours free trial, you can watch ads to get free trials if you haven’t decided to subscribe to a VPN yet. Every time you watch an ad, you can prolong free trials by 15 – 30 minutes. In this way, you can get free trials for unlimited times.
  • Invite friends: If you have a good experience with RitaVPN, you can share it with your friends. You and your friends will get more free trial time.

2.7 New user free trial

For users who use RitaVPN for the first time, we provide you with a free trial of 6 hours. This free trial starts from the time you sign into RitaVPN. In the following 6 hours, you can enjoy the same ad-free, no-drop, high-speed Internet experience as a subscriber.

After that, you can keep on using RitaVPN with a subscription or by watching ads to get more free trial time.  

2.8 Get more free trial time by invitation

You have two ways to get more free trial time by invitation:

  • If you download RitaVPN through a link shared by a friend, you should fill in the invitation code offered by the link. Then, both of you will get more free trial time. The first time you open the link, it will automatically fill in the invitation code for you. If it fails, you can enter it manually through the “Invitation code” on the left panel. You can only use the invitation code once.
  • You can also share RitaVPN with other friends through the share button on the top-right corner. One friend download and type in the invitation code through your link means one successful invitation. You will get free trial time for each successful invitation. We set no restrictions on invitations.