What is the Best VPN Provider for Kenya in 2020?

What is the Best VPN Provider for Kenya in 2019

Kenya is the 48th largest country in the world by landmass. It is also home to teeming wildlife. Hence it is a paradise haven for safari lovers. 

Since more than half of Kenya’s total foreign earnings come from Tourism, it is no wonder that the country’s internet is second best in Africa. Kenya boasts of 89.4% internet penetration with more than half of the country’s 54 million population having access to the internet via mobile phone or desktop.

Challenges Facing Internet access in Kenya

However, it is not all rosy for internet lovers in Kenya as the country is bedeviled with a lot of issues relating to the use of the internet.

In recent years, Kenya has witnessed more attacks from hackers. One of the notable attacks is the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware that broke out in May 2017. Owners of infected devices had to pay a whopping $300 ransom to recover data stored on infected devices.

Also, as a result of the rising cybercrime rate and other internet issues like the use of the internet to spread propaganda, the Kenyan Government signed the Computer and Cyber Crime Act into law in 2018.

Highlights of Kenyan cyber law and its implications

The law criminalizes the following acts:

  • Cybercrimes or unauthorized access or interference with computer systems and other cyber-related crimes. The least of this offense is punishable with 20 years jail term.
  • Publication of ‘False or biased information’ against the government
  • Publishing hateful or inciting contents online.

Publishing’ hate speech or false information’ online attracts a fine of $50,000 or 10 years in prison. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to part away with such a massive amount for posting comments or statements said to be ‘inciting’ or ‘false.’

As a tourist or a foreigner in Kenya, you are faced with three things to worry about:

  • Keeping your data safe from hackers and other cybercriminals
  • Accessing geo-restricted contents. Although the Kenyan government does not place restrictions on websites, and the government filters social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., contents from these social platforms.
  • How to protect your freedom of speech

These challenges may seem mind burgling, but all three problems can be solved easily with the use of the best VPN services in Kenya, of which RitaVPN is one of the best.

Four main benefits of using RitaVPN in Kenya

RitaVPN is one of the best VPN services you can use in Kenya for the following benefits

  • Using RitaVPN protects you from the government’s watchful eyes by protecting your privacy and making you appear online as an anonymous user accessing the internet from a different location. Therefore, you can enjoy the freedom to express your opinion without the government swooping in on you.
  • With RitaVPN, you can have full access to restricted social media content and other blocked sites. RitaVPN services make this possible by spoofing or tricking the internet into believing you’re accessing the internet from a different location. This is also important for accessing restricted or blocked content based on geo-location, especially if you travel a lot and use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, etc.
  • You enjoy a ‘no logging’ policy from RitaVPN. RitaVPN services do not keep any activity log, so you can rest assured that you’re are totally anonymous and well-protected online with RitaVPN.
  • Using RitaVPN VPN services protects your data and devices from hacking, and keeps you safe online

Kenya has a record of more than 5 million cyber-attacks, most of which target emails, credit card details, bank accounts, social media accounts, and other personal info. Using RitaVPN makes you immune to such attacks.

When you use RitaVPN, your data is encrypted and channeled through a virtual tunnel, making it inaccessible to hackers. 

RitaVPN uses the AES-256 and OpenVPN protocols to encrypt and protect data traffic between your device and RitaVPN’s servers. Also, with its kill-switch technology, you’re sure of all-round data encryption and protection even when your VPN connection breaks. 

This means that you can use your devices on any public network like the workplace, parks, hotels, coffee shops, etc. without fear of hackers.

How to access and subscribe to RitaVPN services

If you’re in Kenya or you’re planning to spend your next vacation in Kenya, you must understand how to set up RitaVPN on your devices.

RitaVPN is available on major OS platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. The good news is that you can use up to four devices with a single VPN account.

To create and setup RitaVPN account on your devices, follow the steps below:

  • Visit RitaVPN’s official website and signup for RitaVPN services
  • Subscribe to any of RitaVPN’s plans; you will receive an activation code in your email 
  • Download and install a compatible RitaVPN app on your devices.
  • Launch the RitaVPN app on your device and sign in using your RitaVPN account details
  • Use the premium version of RitaVPN services to enjoy unlimited features. 
  • Enter the activation code sent to your email
  • Choose a RitaVPN server from any location of your choice and ‘Connect’ to start enjoying RitaVPNs privacy and security protection features.

RitaVPN Pricing Plans

  • Monthly plan

Subscription to the monthly offers you unlimited access to Spotify music and other VPN services for a whole month at $10.99 per month. 

  • 6-Months plan 

The 6-months plan offers you all of the benefits you enjoy from the monthly plan but at a significantly discounted rate of $49.99 per six months. With this plan, you save 25% at $8.33 per month.

  • One year plan

The one year plan gives you the same benefits of using Rita VPN, but at more than 50% discount. For $64.99 per year, you get a 55% amounting to $5.42 per month.

Key Features of RitaVPN service

  • Unlimited traffic limit
  • Unlimited bandwidth connection
  • Zero traffic logs.
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Free trial
  • Connect a maximum of 4 devices
  • A 7-day money-back guarantee


Citizens and foreigners alike can enjoy the best of Kenya’s internet connection without the restriction to freedom of speech or the fear of cyber attacks by accessing the net using RitaVPN services, which is one of the best VPN services you can subscribe to if you’re in Kenya, or you intend traveling to Kenya.

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