Why Does One Need A VPN?

Why Does One Need A VPN?
Why Does One Need A VPN?

Almost all of us have heard about the term VPN, but what is it all about? .A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a program that creates a safe and secure connection over a network. This can be any public or shared network over the internet. In simpler definition, a VPN will allow you to connect your smart device (like computer, Smartphone, tablet, etc) to another server somewhere far from your location over the internet, this allows you to bypass all the internet restrictions of your location. So you get to browse the internet using the other server’s internet connection.


In the earlier days, VPNs were used by branch offices to access corporate data in an encrypted and safe way. Nowadays in this age of the Internet, it is quite essential for everyone to use a VPN to maintain their Privacy as everything we browse on the internet is being monitored. What if you may be the victim of a cyber attack, what if your privacy is not as private as you may seem. These thoughts should be considered once as this can potentially destroy your life. On a lighter note, help yourself with a VPN and rip out all the benefits that have to offer such as

  • A VPN will hide your IP address and also protects you while you transfer data on public networks or Wi-Fi.
  • It will also change the location of the IP address with a different address
  • You can also change the country of origin for internet connection, that you as per your choice.
  • The best part about having a VPN is being able to unblock all the blocked websites by governments.


Generally speaking, it all depends on the purpose of the user. You can either create on from your own workplace or house and host it up or if you do not want to get into the hurdle of configuring all the network nodes and modules,  just go on to any of the sites below, sign up for yourself and download the VPN client for your Windows, Mac, Android , iPhone or iPad to experience the freedom of browsing. Such as RitaVPN. RitaVPN is one of the most simplest and sleekest VPN of all. Works on every sort of smart device to provide a Highly secure, encrypted browsing experience for you. The best thing about RitaVPN is it an unblock all major VPN blocking at just by pressing a button. This also highlights the fact of choosing or the main reason for incorporating with a VPN. This is because of the increasing methods of data interception to a network. This can be done through Wi-Fi spoofing or by Fire sheep and the attackers can easily hack all your information. This is why you need a VPN, while the firewall protects your data on the computer, a  VPN service protects the data that you have on the web. 

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