How to Deal with Europe’s Heat Wave

Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium broke heat records for the second consecutive day in June as parts of Europe experienced another severe heat wave, driven by the southerly air from north Africa. The New York Times noted that such extreme heat, which has rarely been seen in Europe in the past, coupled with a medical debate about the impact of air-conditioning systems on human health and a “bias” against energy-hungry appliances, has led to a low prevalence of air conditioning in European homes. The heat is affecting people’s lives.

Multiple regions break high temperature record

A record high of 42.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in central Paris on the afternoon of July 25, local time, breaking the 1947 record of 40.4 degrees Celsius. Germany and Belgium also saw temperatures above 40 degrees for the second day in a row. The temperature in the eastern Netherlands reached 39.4 degrees on the 25th, breaking the 39.3 degrees record set on the 24th in the southern Netherlands. The French government has issued a red heat warning for northern areas such as Paris. Water restrictions are in place across the country. Several trains have been canceled. In addition, because the water in the river is too hot to cool the reactors as usual, French plants will have to cut power by 8%, and some German plants will have to suspend power generation. High temperatures are affecting rail traffic, with extreme heat slowing trains in Britain and France. Thalys and Eurostar trains between Brussels, Paris and London were briefly suspended because of overheating high-altitude cables. At least 12 European countries set heat records and “Europe is sweating,” CNN said.

Should climate change be to blame?

Meteorologists say such heatwaves are further evidence of the effects of global warming on the planet, and that such extremes will become more common in the future.

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