How to find your port number?

How to find your port number

You should open the ports sometimes too so that installed applications can run properly. You can open the ports only if know your port number. It’s a very easy and simple process but first of all you should know about the Port.

What is Port?

Network ports are used to route the incoming data to some specified device from a system to specific apps. Every device connected to the internet uses the ports to create links continuously between several applications. When you are browsing the web, uploading some files, and using a printer simultaneously, several ports are being used in these operations.

For example, to allow the Remote Desktop on your Pc inside the network, you need to ensure that port 3389 is open and is transferring to the relevant pc. Likewise, HTTP protocol uses the port number 443, and FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) uses the port number 20.

How to Find the Port Number?

The IP address is related to your device, but different connections and processes are usually ascribed to the port number. These ports are used to differentiate these procedures on the internet, so the other end of the internet can take the right actions.

They are like your IP address extensions, like the IP address of your pc is, whereas the port number of the HTTPs protocol is 443. So now the IP will be 12.345.678.90:443 for an open HTTPs port. Your request is now understandable by the server.

  • Every action on the internet has a different port number, and the port numbers are of various types.
  • Large companies like MSN or Apple are using accessible ports like 0 to 1023.
  • Upon the request of particular services, the ports 1024 to 49151 are assigned.
  • For the private servers, there are individual ports from 49152 to 65536, and everyone can sue these.  

Why you should Find the Port Number?

  • Some software can use various types of ports. Permission can be granted to some apps firewalls can be set easily if they have tracked your port number.  
  • You can see several ports for the same application at a particular time like Virtual Private Networks simultaneously use different ports.
  • When you know the port number, you can control your software more efficiently.
  • If any program is not working correctly, you can use some other port for that program.

What are TCP and UDP?

Internet traffic protocol has two types, TCP and UDP which are explained.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

  • It is connection-oriented, which means that before the data transmission, a connection is developed between the interacting devices. When the data transmission completes, this connection closes.
  • TCP is secure and accurate as it ensures the data delivery to the intended router.
  • TCP offers systems for comprehensive error checking, and it gives the data flow control and acknowledgment.
  • TCP is a little bit slower than UDP
  • Broadcasting is not supported in TCP.

UDP (User Data Program)

  • This connection is opened, maintained, and terminated without the overhead. UDP is efficient for network transmission type broadcasting and multicasting.
  • It is impossible to ensure the delivery of data to the desired router.
  • UDP is much faster and efficient than TCP.
  • It also supports broadcasting.

What is Port Forwarding or Port Tunneling?

It is a behind-the-scenes method of intercepting and rerouting data traffic to another port or IP of a pc. Generally, a program operating on the host leads the rerouting, but it could be an advanced element of hardware, like a proxy server, router, or firewall. Anyone who sends information to a server doesn’t know what’s happening on, the request will reach its final destination.

How to Find Port number on Windows?

  • Go to search box and type “cmd”.
  • Now open the command prompt and type a command “netstat -a”
  • Your port numbers will be displayed.

How to open the port on Windows 10?

  • Open the “”Control Panel””.
  • Move to “System and Security” and open the “Windows Defender Firewall.”
  • Now pick “Advanced Settings.”
  • Select “Inbound Rules” and then select “New Rule.”
  • Pick the option of ports.
  • Select any protocol. Now put the port numbers in the section of “Specific Local Ports.”
  • Choose “Allow the connection.” Press, “Next.”
  • Choose the network type.
  • Enter the name and description

How to find Port number of Mac?

  • Press “command + spacebar” and open the “Spotlight.”
  • Now type “Network Utility,” and it will pop down. Press enter.
  • Press the tab of “Scan port.”
  • Select any IP which you have to scan.
  • After selecting the desired IP, press “Scan.”

How to open port on Mac?

  • Select the System “Preference”
  • Move to “Security and Privacy.”
  • Go to “Firewall” and “Firewall Options”.
  • Select the “Plus Sign.”
  • Press “Add” after selecting any application.
  • Turn on. Allow “Incoming Connection.”
  • Press “”Ok””.

Virtual Private Network

You should use the VPN service while browsing the internet. VPN hides your IP address, and no one can monitor your online activities. RitaVPN hides your IP address and provides you easy access to all the unblocked websites and content. You should use the VPN service while using public wifi or accessing your online bank accounts because it ‘sits effortlessly for the cybercriminals to steal your information while being on the same network.

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