Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

When mentioning the top-rated streaming service in the UK, there is always a certainty that the BBC iPlayer will be included. The reason is nothing than they provide numerous exciting content, which is very suitable for different ages.

Regarding how popular this service tends to be, it is not accessible for everyone but those in the UK. If you live outside the United Kingdom or visiting abroad, making use of the service will be very difficult for you. This is because BBC iPlayer is UK TV licensed; therefore, it is available to only UK residents.

When you visit the service, your IP location is detected, and once it discovers that you live outside the UK it brings up a message that read:

“BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to the right issues.”

Or a similar message that states:

“This content is not available in your location.”

How to Access the BBC iPlayer?

If you are a user who wants to access the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, there are ways you could achieve this and uplift this limitation. One method is to use a proxy or changing your DNS, and the other process is to use a VPN.

Making use of the proxy can be a very tiring task, while those with basic technical knowledge might find it less cumbersome. Others who don’t want to go through the little technical input might do. Moreover, you don’t want to mess up your device setting while changing the proxy settings.

Another disadvantage of using a proxy is finding a valid proxy. To avoid these hustles, we have always recommended the use of a VPN. Not just any VPN but a trusted one such as RitaVPN.

RitaVPN is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer

There are so many reasons why we recommend RitaVPN as the best VPN for BBC iPlayer. It’s not only because it unlocks the limitation placed on BBC iPlayer, but it also goes further to protects your online data and makes you anonymous.

For most people, staying anonymous when using the internet is nothing serious to worry about because they feel the less need for it. We could go further to give you much reason why protecting yourself online is essential, but since this article is not for that, we will stick to the purpose.

However, below are the crucial reasons why RitaVPN is recommended as the best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

  • Fast and stable connection
  • Easy to navigate with a simple user interface
  • Several servers to choose from
  • Good customer’s support unit available 24/7
  • No logs of user’s data 
  • Affordable pricing
  • Well-matched with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Operating Systems
  • Ability to connect on four devices concurrently

How to use RitaVPN for BBC iPlayer?

To use RitaVPN for streaming BBC iPlayer contents is less bulky. Below are the guided steps on how to set up and make us it.

  • First, we recommend that you have your BBC iPlayer app on the same device that you will be running your RitaVPN app on. BBC iPlayer is compatible with iOS, Android, and PCs, which makes RitaVPN the perfect choice.
  • Therefore, head to and download the web version of it, if you will have BBC iPlayer on PC. Otherwise, go to Google Play Store or Apple Store for the mobile version of the VPN.
  • After your download is done, signup or login into RitaVPN and proceed to make your payment, which comes in a different range of weekly, monthly, three months plan and a yearly subscription that has a 7-days back money guaranty. All at an affordable rate.
  • When fully signed up in RitaVPN and completed your payment, select the right server, and connect. For this service, you should choose no other server but that of the UK.
  • When your VPN is connected, then sign-in or signup in BBC iPlayer to start streaming shows. We recommend that you check out the BBC iPlayer policy to be sure you aren’t violating anyone of them.

Common question people asked about BBC iPlayer

Below are the answers to some specific questions many do ask when making enquire of the best VPN for BBC iPlayer:

Can you use a free VPN for BBC iPlayer?

While you can find some free VPN that will successfully unblock BBC iPlayer, know that free VPNs are very much capable of putting you into risk. The truth is, to run and set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider cost money, so any VPN giving out a completely lifetime free VPN service should be questionable. They could either be giving out your information in exchange for cash or completely exposing it.

Providentially, the payment plan in RitaVPN is very affordable. You can start by paying for a weekly plan which costs less than a dollar, and then proceed to a yearly plan, which even costs less.

What could cause my VPN to refuse unblocking BBC iPlayer?

Some people have experienced a situation whereby they used a remarkable premium VPN to try unblocking BBC iPlayer, but it refuses to unblock. This usually occurs, so far, it’s not from VPN provider, and then it’s from your end. Here are the possible causes of it and what to do.

  • Double-check your IP location. Generally, when using a VPN, after connection. You need to double-check your IP location to be sure you are in your desired location. If you are not, most times disconnecting and connecting again can solve this.
  • Clear your browsing history or browsing cookies as BBC iPlayer might have stored their cookies on your PC when previously accessed.
  • You might want to try watching BBC iPlayer in your PC instead other than your mobile device because sometimes, your GPS location might be giving you away. Or you can turn off your GPS location on your phone.
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